ISPC Agenda for 03/19/2007

ISPC will meet on Wednesday, Mar 19 2007 from 3:45pm to 5:15pm in Campus Center 301 (Lehman Board Room). The agenda items are:

1. 2007-08 Technology Capital Budget proposal (discussion & approval)
2. Remote Access to EMU systems: Review of current strategies. (discussion & approval)
3. Should student cell phone numbers be published in directories? (discussion)
4. Should we consider charging for student printing in labs? (discussion)
5. Should wireless be extended to classroom areas? (discussion)
6. Introduction of “CPU footprint service charge” idea for 2008-09. (discussion)

Item #1 is the primary agenda item for this meeting. If time permits, the remaining items will be handled. More complete information may be posted prior to the meeting. Jack will bring printouts of all materials to the meeting at 3:45pm.