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I’m so excited to spend spring break with my family in NY. Spring break is the time for me and most of you to forget about midterms and essays, and just have fun in the sun; hopefully it will be warm. Many of us will be traveling to visit family or in a vacation just make sure that you are safe while traveling. I just thought I could remind you  of some safety tips because your safety matters. here is a list for your safety:

1. Limit alcohol: you really don’t want to make drinking alcohol  part of your break, and if you do you should make sure that you are not traveling while you’re drunk. remember that it can impair your judgment and actions. Don’t drink and drive. I’m positive that you don’t want to hurt yourself or others. 🙂

2. Be active: Spring break is the time for you to rest and have fun. Don’t just sit there and study. If you don’t have any plans make ones; there is a lot you can do to enjoy your break. *Note: if you have paper or a project due right after spring break make sure you make time to do them beside your fun time. Don’t blame me if you don’t have it finished on time 😉

3. Plan a successful trip: if your going somewhere make sure that you are taking everything you need for your trip

Hope you all have fun and enjoy your break,