Like to walk? Do it with a purpose…

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As many of you may know this Saturday is the Walk for Hope at JMU. How many of you are planning to go? I hope all of you are going because it truly is an amazing event to go to and a wonderful experience. It’s a great time to spend with your friends and having fun meeting new people while getting some exercise and raising awareness. All the while you can be hanging out with the one and only Herm!

For those of you who don’t know the Walk for Hope is an event created to raise funds and awareness for the treatment of mental illness. It was started by a community to honor a man that they knew and loved that died in 1988. He and his wife started the Foundation of Hope for Research and Treatment of Mental Illness after a close family member of theirs was diagnosed with severe Bi-polar disorder. Together the community walked around Raleigh, NC and ended up having over 200 people with them and raised more than $35,000 to give to the Foundation of Hope. To date the walks have raised and given over $3.4 Million toward research, treatments, and developing new researchers at the University of North Carolina. It’s crazy to think that the Walk for Hope is the Foundation’s ONLY annual fundraiser that they have and it is enough to provide the money needed for research innovations. And you can be a crucial part of that too!

So how can I get involved you ask? Here’s how:
This Saturday from 9a.m. to 12 p.m. you can show up at JMU’s Godwin field and walk! In order to get a t-shirt and really feel involved, you’ll need to “Sign up” to walk. To do this you can log in to your Facebook account and type in “Walk for Hope- Harrisonburg” and the page will appear before your eyes. You will then need to click on the icon with a blue butterfly that says “Register to Walk”. It will then guide you through the steps to get registered. If you can’t make it on Saturday, but still want to help out, you can always make a donation. To do this you can go to their main website <> and under the “Participate” tab you can click on “General Contribution” and make a monetary donation to the Foundation.

What all will be there for me to do? Well there will be snacks! Yay for snack! If you are anything like me, food is amazing and free food is even better! There are going to be guest speakers that you can listen to, music to dance and have a good time with and lots of activities to partake in.

So if you are just looking for something to do to get out of your dorm room this weekend this is the perfect thing to do. Not only is it celebrating the beginning of Spring, but you are making a difference in so many lives while getting some exercise for your own health benefit too! So grab a friend and head on down to JMU and walk with a purpose.

As the Foundation says by “Walking together we ARE the HOPE!”


Have a great rest of your week and hope to see you out walking on Saturday!