Spring Break Here We Come!!!

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As you all know Spring Break is just around the corner! But while we are on break we still need to make sure that we stay safe and make good choices. Yes we can splurge on our diets a little, and not workout as much as we usually do because after all it’s a vacation! But, we need to make sure that we do things in a responsible manner because you never know who might be around to see what’s going on for all we know it could be a future employer!!

I know my break isn’t going to be fun like I hoped it would be. I have a lot of catching up to do with my homework and projects that need to be finished so I won’t be going to the beach, hanging out with friends (that much) or going to Kings Dominion or anything, but in my mind I will be there most of the time!

Some ways to stay safe over break is to remember to wear sunscreen if you are going to the beach. Even if it is not going to be that warm or sunny if you are going to be outside you need to be protected. The best time to get a sunburn is when it is overcast outside!

If you are planning on drinking alcohol please be responsible and don’t drive afterward! Even if you feel a little buzzed pleased don’t drive, call a cab, call a friend, anything but drive! Also, please remember to drink water as you are consuming alcohol because it will keep you hydrated and you won’t be impaired as quickly. When you drink water it also helps fight against a hang over the next day because you are keeping your body hydrated!

Make sure that you don’t go anywhere alone, especially when you are out and about in an unfamiliar place. Always use the buddy system to make sure that nothing happens to you or your friends. The most vulnerable time for people to get into trouble is when they are in a new place that is unfamiliar and/or they are impaired through alcohol or drugs!

Even though I don’t know most of you here on campus I would hate to see anything happen to you all that could’ve been prevented. I do want everyone to have a great time over break, relax and let loose so when you come back to school you have a fresh new mind and can tackle whatever the professors throw at you!


Happy Spring Break Everyone! See you in a week!