Flu Season! It’s not something to sneeze about…

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Happy almost end of September, everyone!

That said, flu season is rapidly approaching and that pesky little bug will be landing in every nook, cranny, and crevice around us.  Door handles, bathrooms, public food scooper spoons, borrowed pencils, drinking fountain buttons, handicapped door buttons, KEYBOARDS, desks, chairs, tables, friends, everywhere!  That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, it is something to keep in the front of your mind from mid-fall to mid-spring, the worst of it being in the dead of winter.

The flu doesn’t take it’s time, it will hit you like 10 page paper due the next day.  Symptoms include high temps, runny nose/sore throat, and a nasty feeling dry-hacking cough.  You may also experience some achiness, weakness, headache, and fatigue. Fun stuff, eh?

So instead of putting out a welcome sign for that nasty little bugger why not take some steps to stop it before it starts!

  • First of all, get a vaccine! We will be having a flu shot clinic here on campus on Monday, Oct 1 from 9:45am-11am in UC 211/212, Tuesday Oct 2 from 11:30am-1pm in the West Dining Hall (Northlawn,) and Wednesday, Oct 3 from 3:30-4:30pm in UC 211/212.  Why not come? All you need to do is bring $20 in cash, check or student ID form and you will already be on your way to a healthy majority-of-the-school-year! (Keep in mind that medicaid/medicare is not accepted.)
  • Make sure you wash your hands FREQUENTLY! If you have the flu, please don’t make other people miserable.  Wash your hands as much as you can so you don’t spread it around.  If you don’t have the flu, wash your hands so you don’t pick up what was left behind by those who may not wash their hands as often…
  • Keep your distance from large crowds where people may be coughing, shaking hands, etc…It might also not be a bad idea to sit in the back row one day if you hear a bit of a rasp in your professor’s voice…just sayin’. Health purposes only, right?
  • If you do get the flu, like I mentioned above, wash your hands excessively to prevent spread through door handles, and other interactions.  Also, don’t feel bad about taking a rest and re-energize day.  E-mail your professor to let them know, and take care of yourself.
  • And finally, I know how silly it sounds, but if it comes down to it, wear a mask if you have to be in a high-risk group. Period.  If you want to stay healthy, this is one of the best things you can do.

Thanks for reading everyone! Stay healthy!

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-Hannah Richter