Crossroads Update

EMU’s flagship magazine, Crossroads, seeks to publish up-to-date ‘professional’ listings. Any alumna or alumnus is invited to provide current information via this website, including informaton on retirement. Leave blank any field that is not applicable to you or your employer.

You are an alum in EMU’s eyes if you have studied at EMU the equivalent of two full-time semesters, whether as an undergraduate, graduate, or adult-degree-completion student.

We will assume that it is agreeable to you to publish your name, grad or class year, job title, employer and employer’s website in Crossroads, unless you tell us otherwise in the ‘Comments’ section below. All other information provided will be held privately by EMU, primarily for use in understanding the outcomes of our graduates.

You will be contacted for specific permission if the occasion arises when EMU might wish to use more of your information in an article or in marketing materials.