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Week 2 in Nigeria

Our second week in Nigeria started with a tour of Vom Hospital and a relaxing swim at HBC resort.  We’re beginning to submerge ourselves deeper within the culture as we learned about the conflicts within Nigeria and the peace building efforts of Gopar Tapkida.  We also volunteered the morning at Faith Alive Clinic where nursing and accounting students stayed within the hospital to work while others went to the village school that Faith Alive started.  We have also been creating relationships and connections with the students at UniJos and learning about ministries such as Ayuba’s wheelchair shop for those with polio.  We are now relaxing for the weekend in Miango, catching up on sleep and getting a taste of American food before beginning our last week here with trips to Otukpo, more interaction with UniJos and saying our goodbyes before heading back to the states!  We are continuing to learn so much and can’t wait to share all of our lessons and stories once we get home.

 -Becca Snyder and Ashleigh Tolliver

Nigeria – the first week in Jos

Greetings from Nigeria!
From the moment we arrived in Abuja, Nigeria we have been flooded with the kindness of Nigerians.  Our safety is a high importance to the city of Jos and we all are feeling incredibly safe and protected.  Everyone is having great, eye-opening experiences with our host families and are treated as if we are permanent members.

Here in Jos, we have visited the chaos of the market, with many vendors, colors, animals, fabrics, and goods.  We have also been given tours of MCC Nigeria and Vom Christian Hospital as well as experiencing a Nigerian church service where we were asked to perform our musical talents.

This coming week, we are planning on spending our time at Faith Alive Clinic and relaxing this weekend at Miango Retreat Center.  As we are forming new relationships with our host families and fellow group members, we ask for your prayers for our continued health and safety.

-Ashleigh Tolliver and Becca Snyder