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Latin America 2009

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Returning Latin America Cross-cultural Chapel

The returning Spring 2009 Guatemala Cross-cultural group shared reflections and adventures from their experiences in Central America in chapel on April 20.  Listen to it on the EMU Podcast. ...More



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Mining in Honduras


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Immigration Focus


“There’s so much to think about…”

So I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of Syncretism, Catholic vs. Evangelical, and the ongoing process of change within the Church here, as Rafael was talking to us about yesterday. I’m kind of struggling with it all. Is all syncretism bad? Is my belief a result of syncretism? It doesn’t seem like it, because the Anabaptists back in the day broke away from the Catholic ...More

Climbing the Fuego Volcano

Rolling through Antigua this weekend was quite amazing. Even though the country of Guatemala is roughly the size of Ohio, it contains over 30 v ...More

Mayan Culture

I think you can learn a lot about a group of people by the way they dress and by what food they eat. This occurred to me as I read about the Ma ...More

Two journal entries from Guatemala

There is so much suffering all around me here. Actually, today was the first time I thought maybe Guatemala is not as ‘broken̵ ...More