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Guatemala/Mexico 2012

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Vayan con Dios

April 16th-April 22nd Monday was our last full day with our host families. This time, some of the goodbyes seemed to be a bit easier than they were in Guatemala City. We have had our share of practicing. As Abdu’l-Baha said goodbye to a group of friends on this date 100 years ago he stated, “The breath of the Holy Spirit is your comforter, and the angels of heaven surround you” (Th ...More


March 29 This week, our excursion was to the city of Tlaxcala. First, we tried the pulque we have been learning about. Pulque is an alcoholic drink made from the liquid honey-like substance in the maguey cactus. It is kind of thick and sour tasting. We decided that it tasted similar to sourdough bread. Many from the group liked it, which surprised our guide, but I couldn’t take mor ...More

Open your heart


From Guatemala to Mexico

March 4 Our time here in Guatemala is almost over. And I honestly am struggling to believe it. It seems as though just yesterday I was nervously anticipating meeting my family, struggling to understand anything anyone said to me, and marveling at the different new world I had found myself a part of. The past 7 weeks have absolutely flown by as we´ve experienced the first part of this in ...More

Becoming part of the family

As we approach the end of our time in Guatemala, I have been thinking about my many memories here. Many of these are memories are from the time I’ ...More

Coban and the K’ekchi

There are many things ...More

Making memories and A sojourner’s prayer

One of my favorite parts about being on Cross-cultural in Guatemala is that I am able to stay with a host family. I absolutely love my host family. They have graciously opened their home to me and the parents even call me “mija” (their daughter) while my little host sister calls me her “hermanita” (even though I am technically the older sister). The weekends that I spend with them usual ...More

Language. Learning. Laughter. Love. Life.

Our past week has been filled with all of these “L” words.  Our weekend consisted of an excursion to the highlands of Chichicastenango where we stayed for 2 nights at the Ruth and Naomi Project.  We were surrounded by another new language, K’iche, which was spoken by many of the natives of this city.  We also were able to learn more Spanish, especially when we were fo ...More

Contrasts and challenges

Buenas Días! It is our second week here in Guatemala City and I think I’m finally starting to become accustomed to Guatemalan life. The Frijoles (beans) and eggs at least once a day, the crazy packed buses and their routes, the men with firearms that you can find on every street and the coffee at every time of the day, especially supper. We have Spanish language classes in the ...More

New in Guatemala City

January 16, 2012 What ...More