“Been there, done that”

Middle East 5Before I left on the trip I decided to make a map on Google to show where all we are going.  I’ve gradually updated bits and pieces while here, but as of the last two weeks, it will take me many hours to make any progress. We’ve been studying at Jerusalem University College.  We’re told that we are doing a semester’s worth of work in a two week period.  Feels like it.

We have traveled all over Israel; from the Negev up to the Syrian Border, stopping to look at the geography of the area and place it in Biblical contexts.  As some have put it, we “stand on one hill to look at another”. We spent the last four days in the Galilee area, staying at a sea-side resort.  After the long days of studying and climbing, nothing was better than wetting our feet and sitting on the beach.

I wish I could list all the places we’ve been, but I’ll just say if it has any significance, we’ve probably been there.  If it’s named in the Bible,  we’ve probably talked about it.  And if it has at least 2 tour groups a day, we’ve definitely done it.

Some highlights from these past two weeks include; swimming in the Sea of Galilee, bobbing in the Dead Sea, hacky-sacking EVERYWHERE, yelling “Eagle!” from heights, frolicking in meadows…what day doesn’t come with some good times?

Boat ride at the Sea of Galilee: Michael Swartzendruber We are about half way done with the semester as we head into free travel (which is not free in a monetary sense by any means).  I think we would all agree that the semester is speeding up and before we know it we’ll be leaving Rome for the US.  How do you take it all with you?

-Michael Swartzendruber