Kansas City 2015, Part Two: Mennonites Know This (I hope)

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I became a Mennonite partly as a culmination of a decision I made in 1971. In October of 1971, when I turned eighteen, I became a conscientious objector. I was quite new to the Christian faith. But I had seen that the Scriptures—including my Lord—said that I was to love my enemies (which I thought… Read more »

Kansas City 2015: The Great Omission? (I hope not.)

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A couple of people have asked me if I had any thoughts related to the upcoming bi-annual Mennonite Church USA convention. As I considered this I realized that I had already written two pieces that seem particularly pertinent for the resolutions on “The Status of the Membership Guidelines” and “Forbearance in the Midst of Differences.”… Read more »

Purposeful Plan: Mennonite or Mennolite?

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Note: This essay offers reflections on “The Purposeful Plan,” a document written to guide the Mennonite Church USA some years into the future.  It was discussed at the last national convention in Pittsburgh in 2011.  It has been or will be discussed by individual Mennonite congregations, by delegates within regional conferences this summer and as… Read more »