Defending Constantine? A Critical Engagement of Peter Leithart

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Against Christianity and For Constantine: One Heresy or Two? Mark Thiessen Nation   Introduction: The Heresy of “Christianity” Although this paper will focus on some specific critiques of Peter Leithart’s thoughtful and well-researched book, Defending Constantine, I want to begin by naming striking similarities between Leithart’s project and the primary target of his polemic, John… Read more »

All Things to All People?

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In some ways I see my ministry for many years as being “all things to all people.”  But not everything I write speaks to everyone.  That is understandable for many reasons. I am writing this just now because I will soon be posting two things that will appeal to rather specific audiences.  I am, for… Read more »

Naming What Unites Us

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The well-known theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer met Karl Barth, a theologian that had deeply influenced him, for the first time in July of 1931.  He loved his lectures.  But even more he was taken with Barth the engaging conversationalist over dinner.  He reported on the conversation in a letter to a friend of his, Erwin Sutz. … Read more »

Celebrating Biblical Commentaries

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Students who have had me as a professor within the last six years or so are probably aware that my very favorite commentary on any book of the Bible is Matthew: A Commentary, 2d ed. by Frederick Dale Bruner (Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2004; paper 2007).  This massive, two-volume commentary is, so I would argue, in… Read more »

Walter Brueggemann, Take Two

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The following long quote that opens a recent essay by Brueggemann reminds me of why I have loved his writings over the years: “As the Holy One of Israel, [YHWH] consecrates his people to obedience and service and separateness from the ways of the nations; as King, he rules the world with justice and the… Read more »

Walter Brueggemann, Take One

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Noted Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann is speaking this week during our School for Leadership Training at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, where I teach.  Something like ten years ago, while I was director of the London Mennonite Centre, London, England, I wrote a few paragraphs about Brueggemann basically for in-house use for our book service, in… Read more »

Anabaptist Nation? “True Evangelical Faith”

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A former student suggested “Anabaptist Nation” as the name of my blog.  There are various reasons I’m fine with that name.  However, I begin this blog with the most famous quote from Menno Simons, the sixteenth-century Anabaptist whose name was adopted by one of the groups that has carried on the Anabaptist heritage.  I follow… Read more »