New[ish] Index for Searching Yoder’s Writings

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I should have mentioned this before now. Those of you who are interested in the writings of John Howard Yoder should know about the Yoder Index, if you don’t already. It is an index to all of Yoder’s published books and articles (in English). I have previously mentioned the work of John Nugent and Branson… Read more »

Two Bonhoeffer essays posted in

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For anyone who is interested, I have just posted two essays in (Both of them are on Bonhoeffer. One of them is the essay I had already posted here responding to Clifford Green. The other is a new essay responding to a critique by Michael DeJonge of our book as it relates to Anabaptism.)… Read more »

Kansas City 2015, Part Two: Mennonites Know This (I hope)

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I became a Mennonite partly as a culmination of a decision I made in 1971. In October of 1971, when I turned eighteen, I became a conscientious objector. I was quite new to the Christian faith. But I had seen that the Scriptures—including my Lord—said that I was to love my enemies (which I thought… Read more »

Kansas City 2015: The Great Omission? (I hope not.)

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A couple of people have asked me if I had any thoughts related to the upcoming bi-annual Mennonite Church USA convention. As I considered this I realized that I had already written two pieces that seem particularly pertinent for the resolutions on “The Status of the Membership Guidelines” and “Forbearance in the Midst of Differences.”… Read more »

The Church Discipline of John Howard Yoder:

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Legal and Religious Considerations by J. Glenn Friesen[1] [Note from Mark Thiessen Nation: The following essay is not the way I would frame these issues. For that see my previous blog posts. But I believe Dr. Friesen has gone through the facts in a very careful way that is clarifying. I believe his essay, framed… Read more »

Sectarian Compassion

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As is obvious, I am not a blogger who comments regularly on happenings in the world. And I have been hesitant to break that pattern. The central reason is that a very occasional comment might give the wrong impression: as if I just care about the occasional isolated topic on which I focus. Anyone who… Read more »

Bonhoeffer the Assassin?: Going to the Source of the Myth

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Questioning Eberhard Bethge on Bonhoeffer & the Conspiracy “I do not know of any reputable scholar or reader of Bonhoeffer who believes that he personally was involved in the attempts on Hitler’s life.” This is a statement I received by e-mail within the last year from a quite respected senior Bonhoeffer scholar. If he is… Read more »