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Welcome. You have likely come to this site  because you are interested in Anabaptism, John Howard Yoder and/or my own work.  But however you came to be here, welcome.

Who am I?  And why am I doing this blog?  I am professor of theology at Eastern Mennonite Seminary.  I teach contemporary theology, Christian ethics and Anabaptist studies.    I have started this blog mostly because of requests by former students.  I would like to continue to engage them around current reading and theological matters of mutual interest.  I am also aware that there are a few others out there who follow my work; this will also allow me to connect with them.

Probably most who visit this blog will be aware that I am known as a scholar who writes on the theology of John Howard Yoder, the most influential Mennonite theologian ever and one of the most influential Christian ethicists of the last fifty years.  I also know the writings of Stanley Hauerwas quite well.  I am currently finishing a co-authored book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Beyond that, my interests are quite broad.

I value comments and will read them. Do be aware, however, that I will not often respond to comments.  I simply don’t have the time.  I will likely only respond when such a response will serve my central purposes in doing this blog.

I look forward to this new venture; we’ll see where it goes.

The views shared on this blog represent the opinions of the author and the guest writers featured, and are not meant to be representative of Eastern Mennonite University or Seminary.

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  1. James Smith (Jim) Benton

    Thanks, Mark, for your biography of Yoder and this website, both of which are gracefully done in every sense of the term. I’m just preparing a six week session on Yoder’s thought for an Episcopal group, eight men who run from a retired bishop to a highly trained — but not in the humanities — engineer. The choices of appropriate texts are a work in progress. I imagine one one challenging chapter or article per week, or perhaps several sermons or shorter works on a particular question on some (or most) weeks, each week addressing a particular question.

    If you have a moment, I (and perhaps others who visit your website) would be interested in what you might suggest for such a project.

    Our best to you,


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