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Music at EMU

Expert Faculty Who Are Mentors

EMU music student Phillip Martin with professor Lynne Mackey

EMU music student Phillip Martin at a piano lesson on the Steinway “A.” Phillip is a double major in piano performance and environmental science.

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Studies in Piano, Organ and Harpsichord

Students of piano, organ or harpsichord will find a unique and welcoming home at EMU. Within the music department,  expert faculty members work one-on-one with each student to build a keyboard repertoire with an eye on each student’s future career and other goals.

Teaching and performing in the field

At EMU, you have the opportunity to be a student and instructor. Students gain solo and accompanying experience in a variety of keyboard instruments within a variety of types of music, like Baroque and chamber, but some students also take advantage of our popular preparatory music program, which offers instruction and lessons to hundreds of local children.

As a piano, organ or keyboards student you can hone your craft as a continuing instructor via private or group lessons or in area recitals – many are scheduled each academic year in a variety of venues like churches and schools – and gain valuable experience in the field.

Baroque Academy

Another unique opportunity for piano majors at EMU is the Virginia Baroque Performance Academy, part of the well-known annual Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival. Perform with harpsichordist Arthur Haas, one of the most sought-after performers and teachers of Baroque music in the U.S. today.

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Learn more about our unique piano, organ and keyboards program. The many opportunities to build performance experience on a wide variety of top-quality instruments, and one-on-one mentoring by expert faculty make EMU a Christian university like no other.