Technical Requirements

Having a good quality computer that is reliable and fast will make it a lot easier to work well during the class. Enrollees should have significant access to a computer that meets the following criteria.

Students are encouraged to contact EMU’s Help Desk at 540-432-4357 or with technical problems.


Suggested specifications:

  • “Fast” (any computer 4 years old or newer) computer, speakers, and sound card
  • Internet broadband connection is recommended
  • A place to store working documents (hard drive, flash drive, etc.)


The enrollee must have licensed access to all of the following types of software:

  • Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS X (or higher)
  • Word processor (like MS Word or Word Perfect)
  • Web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari)
  • E-mail

Technology skills

  1. The ability to use a keyboard (typing experience will help) and mouse to navigate your operating system.
  2. The ability to use the computer’s operating system to copy, organize, rename and maintain computer files on the hard drive or flash drive.
  3. The ability to browse the Internet and send, receive, and manage e-mail.
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