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Mathematical Sciences Department

Eric Brodersen

EMU’s math and computer science faculty helped expand my thinking in life. Every professor I had was outstanding.Predicting outcomes, managing time, knowing what an ideal solution looks like, knowing when approximations are good enough, and understanding the pros and cons of the different methods of statistical analysis used in all fields of scientific research are just a few of the important life skills I learned.

– Eric Brodersen, computer science grad


Faculty and Student Research

Robotics Enrichment Activities 
Lego Mindstorms NXT robots are used in computer science and engineering classes, and occasionally as outreach demonstrations. Current examples include demonstrations that included a robot that can travel independently, travel a maze by sensing walls, and an alligator robot that snaps if petted.

One Hour of Code
In December of 2013, the EMU Computer Science department participated in the first ever One Hour of Code event and it has become a tradition. In 2014 we included a large birthday cake for Grace Hopper that was available for the whole university. Each year participation has grown.

Principal Component Analysis
Dee Weikle and student Alex Bender attended Kairos place 2015 to outline a proposal and do initial research on applying the mathematical technique of principal component analysis to both computer architecture and chemistry experimental results. Principal component analysis gives insight into which result data shows the most variance across experiments.