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Mathematical Sciences Department

Josh Sauder

EMU’s computer science program helped me to truly understand what it means to make good code and follow moral guidelines when designing software. I was able to get a job immediately after graduation thanks to the internship program. I look back on my four years of coding and remember that my code needs to be efficient, concise, and ethical. If anyone is looking for a useful and personal computer science program, EMU has you covered.

– Josh Sauder ’15

About Our Computer Science Program

The computer science major at EMU is designed to be robust and flexible enough to meet the needs of a diverse set of students. Each student will create a custom plan of study (with approval of the faculty) which usually includes a minor or second major in another field, as computer science is an applied field. Examples of minors and second majors include:

  • The combination of mathematics and computer science provides an excellent background for graduate study in either field.
  • Those interested in the efficient and effective use computing technology in a business environment might combine computer science and one of the business fields.
  • The emerging field of biomedical informatics is a combination of computer science and biology.
  • Game programming and web application development are partially about technology and partially about interface design techniques taught as part of the digital media major.
  • A computer science teaching endorsement for grades 6-12 is approved by the Virginia Department of Education when combined with an education licensure.
  • With computing technology part of our everyday lives, it can be combined with almost any other field for those seeking a unique career path.