Computer Science major

Creative problem solving. Logical thinking. Real-world application. Whether you want to study the hardware and engineering side of computer science, or the software and user-interface side of technology, at EMU you will gain martetable skills and background in both.

Develop working relationships with faculty who will provide personal advising, invest time in you, and challenge you to think for yourself.

 Explore your gifts and accomplish your unique goals by doubling up your computer science major or minor with another degree. 

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Courses Credits
Foundational Courses 
CS 220 Intermediate Programming: Java 4
CS 165 Networking in the Internet Age 2
CS 175 Architecture and Operating Systems 4
CS 265 Databases and Information Management 2
CS 275 Web Applications 2
Mathematics Courses
MATH 134 and MATH 136 (Finite Math) OR MATH 170 Discrete Mathematics 4
MATH 150 Elements of Calculus OR  MATH 185 Calculus I 3-4
One STAT course  2
 Upper-Level Courses 
Courses selected from the 300-level or 400-level CS courses, ENGR 325 Engineering Ethics, and ENGR 360 Digital Circuits.  16 
CS 475 Capstone Project  2
 Computer Science or Related Field Electives  
 Each student will choose additional courses based on a theme of study. The courses are selected with consultation and approval of a faculty advisor.  6

Minor in Computer Science

A computer science minor requires 18 credits, with at least 6 credits being upper level courses. 


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