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Web events calendar

Download or open this pdf to walk you through the new web events calendar system with 25Live.

This handout can help you decide which of the Top 10 categories you might want to use. (confused? go through the above pdf first)

Still confused?

Contact Laura Lehman at

Subscribe to Calendars and Events

Our new calendar system allows to to subscribe to categories of events or individual events. You have the ability add an event to your online calendar or recieve text or email notifications. Here are some instructions for subscribing to calendars or individual events. 

Step 1: If you want to subscribe to a category uncheck all the categories but the one you want (like Student Life).
Step 2: Turn the calendar to "list" view on the top tabs of the calendar. 
Step 3: Click the checkbox marked "All" or choose the events you want to add and check them
Step 4: Click "Add to my Calendar" 
Step 5: Choose your calendar type (Google calendars works great, can't vouch for the other ones)
Step 6: If you want it to give you a reminder you can choose that option
Step 7: Choose any other options you wish (text reminders, email reminders etc)- you don't need to chose anything else. 
Step 8: Hit submit.