Consulting Biomedicine Team

The consulting team was created to provide recommendations to program administrators in the following areas:

  • Provide wise advice for biomedicine programming decisions.
  • Give guidance in developing clinical practicums for students.
  • Advocate for the biomedicine program within health care networks.
  • Present clinical perspectives in academic courses through resourcing and presence.
  • Assist in building relationships in the health care community.
  • Serve as a resource mentors for students in their research projects.



Consulting Biomed Team

The consulting team is led by the program’s scholar-in-residence, Dr. Joe Longacher. Other members include:

Dr. Joe Longacher – MA in Biomedicine Scholar-in-Residence, EMU class of 1959, Medical College of Virginia (MCV), retired clinical professor of internal medicine Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

Dr. Bob Harris  DDS, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry class of 2011, private practice general dentist.

Mr. Jim Krauss – BA, Pennsylvania State University, MA in Health Service Administration, George Washington University, Sentara RMH Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

Dr. Luanne Bender Long – BA in Psychology, HR Kings College, MA in Counseling, EMU, PhD in Marriage & Family Studies, Liberty University, Clinical Manager, Sentara RMH Outpatient Behavioral Health

Dr. Joe Martin  EMU class of 1959, University of Alberta, Edmonton, class of 1962 former dean of Harvard Medical School

Dr. Randy Longenecker  EMU class of 1975, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine class of 1979, assistant dean for Rural and Underserved Program, Ohio University – Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Phil Moyer – Goshen College class of 1966, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine class of 1970. Regular visiting physician in India and Albania.

Dr. John Wenger  EMU class of 1985, Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine class of 1995, family practice, Sentara RMH Integrative Medicine

Teresa Yoder – RN, MSN, George Mason University class of 1995, director of RMH Women’s Services

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