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Accelerated Degree Program - Tuition and Financial Aid

The accelerarted degree program works hard to maximize the flexibility and convenience that working adults need when pursuing higher education. Our tuition and fees are comprehensive and bundled as a package that provides everything you need to be a student in our program… a “one-stop shop” for busy working adults.

  • Parking? Not necessary.
  • Fees and technology charges? Minimal, and fully disclosed up-front.
  • Course registration? We do it for you.
  • Student services, writing tutor, and career counseling? Included and available at will.
  • New student orientation? Included.
  • Technical support? Included and available online, via phone, or in-person on campus.
  • Library access? Included.

Costs / Tuition

The cost for EMU’s accelerated degree program varies each year (July 1 to July 30). Current tuition for the LOM program is about $16,000. This cost includes 38 semester hours of credit, certain program materials, graduation regalia, and fees (application and graduation).

If students request credit for life and work experience (through a portfolio), they pay an additional $100 per semester hour of petitioned credit.

Costs for additional course work at EMU or other institutions are not included in degree completion program tuition and fees.

Students who are paying with personal funds may pay at the beginning of each semester or use a monthly payment plan. This is an in-house, interest-free plan for a term of up to 15 months. Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive financial aid information and meet with a representative to navigate this process.

Employer Assistance

An increasing number of employers provide educational assistance benefits to their employees. Students should check to see if their employer provides educational assistance. Students will need to notify EMU’s financial aid office of any employer assistance that they receive.

Many veterans are eligible for aid based on their military service. We eagerly welcome veterans and are happy to assist veterans with this process.

Financial Aid Options

Students in the Leadership & Organizational Management program are eligible to apply for financial aid. A complete financial aid packet is available from the program representative. To be eligible to receive federal financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must also complete the Accelerated Degree Completion Financial Aid Information Sheet (FAIS)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is processed by a federal processor and the results are reported to you on a Student Aid Report. The staff in the financial assistance office will determine your eligibility to receive federal grants and loans. Students will not receive notification of aid until they have been admitted to the Accelerated Degree Completion Program and have completed the FAFSA and FAIS.

Applying for financial aid in a timely manner and following up on any request for additional forms or loan information is very important. Federal guidelines are strict and if all information is not submitted within certain time frames, you risk becoming ineligible for aid.

To avoid jeopardizing financial aid eligibility, you should not withdraw from the program without first consulting with your academic coordinator. It is important to begin classes on the entrance date cited at the time of application.

Matching Grants and Scholarship Funds

The Accelerated Degree Program has funds available in the form of matching grants and need-based assistance. For more information, please contact the program representative.

The Richard M. Whitmore Endowed Scholarship Fund

Terry Whitmore, MBA, was the longest-serving instructor in the Adult Degree Program and a passionate supporter of adult students. His lessons in business leadership and management were enriched by experience in his family-owned business, E&M Auto Paint and Supply. In 2007, the Whitmore family established an endowed scholarship fund to honor Terry's younger brother, Richard, who died unexpectedly at the age of 51.

The Whitmores know that some adult degree students receive tuition assistance from employers, but most are not so fortunate. Often students must cover the full cost of tuition alone.

Please join the Whitmore family and others by contributing to the Richard M. Whitmore Endowed Scholarship Fund. Your gift will help provide scholarships for upcoming ADP students who otherwise may not be able to pursue their educational dreams.

Questions About Financial Aid?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the program representative at 540-432-4983 or the EMU financial aid office at 540-432-4137.

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