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Language and Literature

Writing Studies

Writing studies at EMU involves a challenging investigation of various creative genres, writing for particular professions, English grammar, English literature, and practical experience in peer teaching, publishing, and internship settings.

Students work closely with faculty members who are published writers and interact with visiting writers through workshops and summer retreats.

A Unique & Flexible Program

The writing studies major is by intention small and flexible. Majors are encouraged to double major or minor in their other areas of interest.

Simultaneous study in other fields challenges writers to broaden their knowledge bases by exploring other subjects in-depth.

Students become more informed as writers and, in turn, use their writing and rhetorical skills to contribute more easily to study of other fields.

Careers in Writing

The writing studies major at EMU prepares students for careers in editing, publishing, journalism, and technical writing. Those who wish to pursue studies in creative writing produce portfolios of work suitable for graduate school application.

Writing studies graduates have strong and flexible communication skills, enhancing their desirability as employees in any field they may wish to pursue.

All majors are expected to attend all Writers Read events and participate in year-end readings.

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