Why study Spanish at EMU?

Our students achieve advanced levels of proficiency and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Speaking, listening to, and writing Spanish are practical skills that pair well with any career.

Our program fosters personal, spiritual, and professional growth and strong connections between faculty, students, and the community. Native-speaking conversation assistants help each student reach his or her peak proficiency in listening and speaking.

Our professors are dedicated to developing students’ language skills and cultural understanding through field trips, cross-culturals to Spain, Guatemala and Mexico, and interactions with the Hispanic community, nonprofits, and dual-immersion public schools.

Tertulia conversation hour

Bring your lunch and join students, community members, and faculty for Tertulia – a conversation hour en español every Thursday at noon in the Royals’ Den (Snack Shop). Make new friends as you practice speaking and building your vocabulary. We can discuss all facets of life, culture, and current events while enjoying our lunches. We welcome all ages and levels. ¡Hasta pronto!

Noche Bohemia

This annual event showcases the creativity and language skills of our students in a fun and supportive environment. Highlights of Noche Bohemia include food, music, poetry, dance, theater, and a fashion show! Noche Bohemia is organized and performed by EMU Spanish students and faculty, and it’s open to campus and community alike.

Spanish Language Film Series

Our annual spring film series is a venue for introducing the EMU community to diverse cinemas and ways of storytelling. Professors introduce and contextualize films from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, and after the screening, engage the public in a discussion. The films and discussion deal with contemporary issues like war, peace, justice, cultural identity, race, class, gender, and environmental sustainability. Past film series themes include Water, Repression and Hope, Journeys, Historical Revisions, and Surviving Childhood.

Careers in Spanish

Spanish majors and minors can choose from an array of professional careers, including Spanish teachers (see Spanish education major), interpreters, and translators. They also can further their study through graduate study. Spanish complements studies in peacebuilding, social work, STEM, nonprofits, and business. A double major or a minor in Spanish also opens up new possibilities within other fields, including:

  • Working with nonprofits and immigrant communities (Spanish + Social Work or Sociology)
  • Teaching in dual immersion programs (Spanish + Education)
  • Translating, writing, and editing (Spanish + Writing Studies)
  • Business careers (Spanish + Business/Economics)
  • Conducting international work for NGOs (Spanish + Peacebuilding or Humanitarian Action or International Development)
  • Speaking to patients in their native language and conducting scientific inquiry that reaches migrant communities (Spanish + Nursing or Pre-med or STEM)

Interested in a Spanish major or minor?

Professors are on-hand during every Admissions Open House program.