English Major

Knowing how to read and write well are important skills in a variety of careers. As an English major at EMU you will learn important skills in reading, writing, and grammar that are highly valued by employers.  You will learn to analyze, understand and summarize difficult texts and concepts, and learn to persuasively communicate your ideas to others. 

In EMU's language and literature department you will learn to use words to make a difference in the world. Well-chosen and well-written words shape the way we see the world. As an English major at EMU you will learn the power of words to describe the world and the ability to use words to change the world for the better. EMU's emphasis on service, justice and community will help you find and write the words that change the world. 


Literary Foundations (12 SH)
Global Literatures I 3 SH
Global Literatures II 3 SH
Global Literatures III 3 SH
Introduction to Critical Theory 3 SH
Approaches to Literature (9 SH);

Choose 3 of the below

  • Ecology and Science Fiction
  • Ways of War and Peace
  • Global Novels, Global Conflicts
  • Gender and Literature
  • American Ethnic Writers
  • Shakespeare
  • Comedy and Tragedy: Page and Stage
Each course in this section is 3 SH
Linguistics (3 SH)

Choose 1 course from this list: 

  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Grammars of English
  • Language Learning, Literacy, and Culture
Each course in this section is 3 SH
Writing (3 SH)

Choose at least 3 SH from the following:

  • Fiction Writing Workshop (3 SH)
  • Creative Nonfiction Workshop (3 SH)
  • Poetry Writing (3 SH)
  • Internship (1-3 SH)

The following three courses, offered in the same semester, can be taken independently or in a sequence.

  • Expository Writing (1 SH)
  • Argumentative Writing (1 SH)
  • Rhetoric of the Natural and Social Sciences (1 SH)
Electives (9 SH)

Choose 9 SH from the following

  • COMM 241 News and Feature Writing (3 SH)
  • LARTS 390 Peer Tutoring Practicum I (1 SH)
  • LARTS 391 Peer Tutoring Practicum II (1 SH)
  • THR 310 Playwriting and Screenwriting (3 SH)
  • 300-400 level Literature courses
  • 300 level Writing Studies course
  • any LING course
Senior Capstone (3 SH)
Seminar in the Major 3 SH
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