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Language and Literature

Kendra Litwiller Yoder
Kendra Litwiller ’14 Yoder with her original illustrations for “Messages from Maryam,” a children’s book written by her friend Lauren Pinchon. Yoder earned a degree in English from Eastern Mennonite University and is currently studying to become an art teacher at James Madison University. She and husband Tyler Yoder ’14 also work at Eastside Church in Harrisonburg.



Introducing students to imaginative works of fiction, poetry, and drama from around the world, the English major and minor prepares students for a lifetime of insightful reading, writing, and conversation. Students learn to read literature not merely as an escape from the world or as a window onto the world that they already know but as a way of exploring a world different from their own. The major requires additional coursework in creative writing, critical theory, linguistics, and languages other than English. It also pairs easily with other majors.

Careers in English

A major or minor in English prepares students to enter a variety of fields where keen perception and skillful use of language are valuable. These fields include publishing, web content development, journalism, creative writing, education, law, medicine, psychology, and business.

Interested in an English major or minor?

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