Graduate Certificate in HAL

Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Action Leadership

We are not currently accepting applications for the graduate certificate.  You are invited to take single or multiple courses for graduate credit or for training.

The Humanitarian Action Leadership program offers an 18 semester hour online graduate certificate that can be completed in 15 months. This course work is applicable for mid-career and entry level individuals and cohorts.

This certificate includes specific disaster, sustainable development, and leadership courses. Threads through all courses include conflict analysis and peacebuilding, justice issues, faith-based development and relief, capacity building, resiliency and climate change. Best practices and preparation for certification where available are emphasized. Career advising is also offered.

Classes are delivered either online or through limited intensive residencies, each with robust student support services.

What a full master of arts degree?

Learn more about combining our Humanitarian Action Leadership curriculum with a master of arts in interdisciplinary studies.

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