Minors in History

Courses and curricula for all majors and minors are detailed in the history program course catalog.

Minor in history

A history minor requires 18 SH of history which should include courses in U.S., European and Area Studies.

Minor in history and social science

A minor in history and social science requires 18SH, including 6SH in history, 6SH in political studies, and 3SH each in economics and geography.

Minor in political studies

A political studies minor requires 18 SH of history:

  • 12SH in political studies (including POL 101 Introduction to Politics)
  • 6SH chosen from geography, history, economics, or peacebuilding and development

Minor in Pre-Law

The pre-law minor is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental minor, designed to complement a variety of majors to prepare students for a range of careers including:

  • traditional practices of law
  • mediation
  • environmental law
  • international development
  • politics
  • human rights work
  • victim offender reconciliation
  • juvenile justice

The minor requires 22-24 SH (which includes internships). The student-run pre-law society, Res Judicata, sponsors special speakers and events. Learn more about the pre-law program’s focus or get course and curriculum details from the history program catalog.