More than 50 years after his first visit to campus, social activist, scholar and colleague of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Vincent Harding returned to EMU in 2014. He urged the audience to engage fully in the struggle to build a real participatory democracy based on justice, equality, sustainability and spiritual fulfillment, rather than on militarism, materialism and racism — or indeed on any form of discrimination.

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A Unique Focus on Faith in Action

EMU history grads treasure our program’s social history approach. We focus on groups such as women, religious minorities and other individuals often overlooked in conventional history classes. Our history students are exposed to various viewpoints and explore the many ways God works in history through people — the meek and the mighty, the famous and the little-known, major world powers and developing nations.

Our students develop a Christian perspective on evolving economic and political systems and cultural and religious issues. We encourage them to think of the moral and ethical implications of particular ideas and events from the past.

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