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Facilities Management

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles owned by faculty, staff and students that are parked on the EMU campus need to be registered within one week of being brought to campus. This also applies to individuals living in EMU-owned housing or apartments. The fee for the permits is $60 per person for the academic year. Students involved in the Degree Completion Studies or in graduate programs that meet in the evening also need to obtain a permit at the beginning of each academic school year at no charge. All permits are valid only for the academic year and will expire on August 25.

To register a vehicle you are required to:

  • Hold a current vehicle registration card as evidence of ownership and the right to register the vehicle
  • Hang the registration permit on the rear view mirror

How to Register a Vehicle

Vehicle registration is completed online through Once logged in, the registration process can be found under the Accounts tab for students and the Employee Info tab for faculty and staff. After completing the registration, all permits will be delivered through campus mail.

Retired employees of EMU who routinely use the premises must register their vehicle at the Facilities Management office to receive a permit but will not be charged a permit fee.

Campus visitors who are on campus for something other than an organized sporting event or a major activity are asked to register their vehicles and utilize a temporary permit available at the Facilities Management office.

Free Parking Permits

Faculty and staff may register for a free parking permit. This permit is valid only in the University Commons north parking lot (north of the green line). It is NOT valid in any other faculty/staff (F/S) designated parking areas.

Temporary Handicapped Parking Permits

Temporary handicapped parking permits may be issued to students from the Health Center or athletic trainer that confirms a student’s warranted need for a handicapped space. These permits are to be used only on EMU property and are not acceptable under state law to be used off campus. They are available from the Facilities Management office during regular business hours.

Partial-year Permits

Any faculty, staff or student who will not be on campus for spring semester may return their parking permit to the Facilities Management office. If it is received by January 15, a refund of $30 will be issued. This does not apply to faculty or staff who opted to pay for the permit through payroll deduction.