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Facilities Management

Eastern Mennonite University
Hoverboard Policy


In an endeavor to provide a safe and secure environment for members of its community, the EMU Crisis Management Preparedness Team (CMPT) reviewed the advisability of regulating the possession, use, charging and storage of self-balancing electrical wheeled boards (Hoverboards).

Policy Statement

Due to continuing reports highlighting the safety risks (injury to self, others and fire risk) of self-balancing electric wheeled boards (Hoverboards), effective immediately, the use, possession, charging and/or storage of these devices is prohibited on the University campuses, in University facilities, in University housing or university property. These devices’ batteries can burst into flame, especially while being charged, resulting in a metal fire that can burn with intense heat.
All university faculty, staff, employees, volunteers and visitors (which include vendors and their employees, parents of students, guests, uninvited guests and all other persons located on property-owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Eastern Mennonite University) are expected to comply with this policy.
It is the responsibility of all members of the university communities to observe this policy and to ensure compliance with the policy by all visitors. Hoverboards and all similar devices are to be removed from university campuses, facilities and housing, effective immediately. Devices found on the grounds will be confiscated.

Responsible Parties

Vice President for Finance
Director of Facilities Management

Policy Review

Every five years or as needed.

Policy Distribution

EMU website and all relevant university policy handbooks.

Approved: President’s Cabinet
February 1, 2016