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January 2017
1/18 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Grounded - Marci Frederick@ Lehman Auditorium
1/20 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: A Mennonite at the Pentagon: Human Security in an Age of Terror - Lisa Schirch@ Lehman Auditorium
1/25 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Hymn Sing - Matthew Hunsberger@ Lehman Auditorium
1/27 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Grounded - Paul Yoder@ Lehman Auditorium
February 2017
2/1 Wednesday
10:00amCamp Day Chapel: Grounded at Camp@ Campus Center, Martin Greeting Hall
2/3 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Standing Rock Climate Justice@ Lehman Auditorium
2/8 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Bob Zellner@ Lehman Auditorium
2/10 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Academic Departments@ various campus locations
2/15 Wednesday
10:00amSpiritual Renewal Chapel, 10-10:40 a.m. - Deborah Jian Lee@ Lehman Auditorium
2/17 Friday
10:00amSpiritual Renewal Chapel, 10-10:40 a.m.@ Lehman Auditorium
2/22 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Black History Month - BSU@ Lehman Auditorium
2/24 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Spiritual Runner - Jolee Paden@ Lehman Auditorium
March 2017
3/1 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Ash Wednesday@ Lehman Auditorium
3/3 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Spring Break Service@ Lehman Auditorium
3/15 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship@ Lehman Auditorium
3/17 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Reflections from Spring Break Y-Trips@ Lehman Auditorium
3/22 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: World Water Day@ Lehman Auditorium
3/24 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Voices for Peace (C. Henry Smith)@ Lehman Auditorium
3/29 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship@ Lehman Auditorium
3/31 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: Washington Community Scholars Center (WCSC)@ Lehman Auditorium
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