VaCA-CIE Film - "Lemon Tree"

Where University Commons, 170, MainStage Theater

Duration 2 hours

Widowed Salma Zidane’s only source of income is an ancestral lemon grove in West Bank’s Kalkiya. When the newly appointed Defense Minister moves next door, the area gets surrounded by Secret Service personnel, security fences, soldiers, and a watch tower. She then receives a letter in Hebrew which notifies her that the lemon trees pose a security threat, must be destroyed and she will be compensated. With the assistance of Russia-returned lawyer, Ziad Daud, Zidane files an appeal in the Military Court. The Court dismisses her complaint and orders that the grove be fenced-in. Frustrated and upset, she appeals to the Supreme Court, and is further distressed when soldiers bar her from watering the tree. The situation heats up when an explosion takes place at the Defense Minister’s residence during a house-warming party. Meanwhile Ziad hopes to convince the Supreme Court that the destruction of the grove not only violates international laws but also Section 53 of the Geneva Convention. But in a country that seems to have no borders, with frequent curfews and where provisions of the Intifidah Act empowers the regime to declare Palestinian-owned properties as hostile territory, confiscate lands and demolish houses to build prisons – with impunity – will she even stand a chance?

This is the third in a series of five interfaith and/or intercultural films shown on campus this weekend.

Intended Audience General Public

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Name Visual & Communication Arts

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