STAR Level I at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute, begins May 27 and ends June 4

Trauma impacts how individuals and groups think, feel, and behave as well as how societies are organized. Unhealed trauma often leads to violence and violence begets more violence as victims act out against others or become self-destructive. Created to help people who work with individuals, groups, or communities suffering from current or historic trauma, the STAR training presents – in both theory and practice – an integrated approach to understanding the trauma, conflict, and violence caused by nature, human beings, and/or structural systems.

STAR is for those who want to bring a trauma-informed perspective to their work. The course brings together neurobiology, conflict transformation, human security, spirituality and restorative justice to:

-Increase awareness of the impact of trauma on the body, mind and spirit of individuals, communities and societies;
-Offer tools and processes for addressing trauma and breaking cycles of violence; and
-Explore ways of building individual and collective resilience, including self-care strategies.

This course is available for 3 hours of graduate credit. Please apply online through the Summer Peacebuilding Institute registration


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