3 X Senior Photography Show - Joaquin Sosa, Shandell Taylor & Cody Troyer

Where University Commons, Margaret Martin Gehman Gallery

Duration 2 hours

Joaquin has an affinity for urban landscapes and is fascinated with the fisheye view. He wants to show a new and different perspective of a city that has been portrayed millions of times. In his show the viewer will be immersed in a detailed and vibrant view of New York City.

Shandell is fascinated with sports photography, and is intrigued by the capability of the human body. Her goal for this project is to show the importance of human health, and the potential beauty of the structure of our bodies.

Cody is captivated by the immense possibilities of how light and time influence photography, and has desired to expose light in an orderly and rhythmic fashion within an image. His project organizes light and brings to life a pulsing blend of concentricity within the structures of time.


Intended Audience General Public

Tags ARTSHOW, Arts