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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Major


At EMU, you’ll receive a top-notch scientific education thanks to professors who are experts in their fields and our well-rounded, interdisciplinary learning approach. It’s part of what makes EMU a Christian university like no other.

Environmental sustainability majors learn to truly grasp the nature of environmental research and issues by taking courses in a variety of disciplines. Biology, sociology and peacebuilding professors work closely together on environmental sustainability courses that weave forward-thinking sustainability practices with issues of international and community development and conservation.

At the same time, students get a more in-depth education in one field by choosing a science or a social sustainability track within the environmental sustainability major.


Our graduate program in peacebuilding is also an asset to any undergrad in the fields of development and sustainability; dozens of grad-level international scholars flock to EMU each year to study at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. And many professors around campus have decades of experience working and living overseas advocating for those in the margins.

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