South Africa – Fall 2007

We Arrived!

We arrived in Johannesburg early Monday morning after two long days of traveling. We wanted to thank those of you who came to send us off on Saturday and also those who had been praying for our safe arrival. We are spending our first week in a lodge just a few minutes away from the church where we are learning Sesotho. Each day we spend 6 hours at the church learning Sesotho with our tutors who will also be our host families in Soweto. My tutor's name is Pinkie and her and I have been working one on one together all week. I am starting to catch on to most of the greetings but I am looking forward to a break from the constant stream of Sesotho words.

Each day we begin our classes with singing, which happens to be my favorite part of the day. We are trying to learn the words as well as the dance, which we are all still trying to master. We also have taught our hosts "Guide My Feet" and they have added dance steps to go along with it which makes it so much fun to sing. The people we are meeting here are amazing. They are all very dedicated to helping us learn Sesotho and are excited to take us to Soweto on Saturday.

Our evenings are usually spent relaxing, playing cards and finishing homework. It is amazing how close our group has gotten in this first week. Tomorrow is our last day of class and on Saturday we will be welcomed into our homes with a huge celebration. We continue to ask for prayers for the group as well as the families we will be staying with.