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Journal 1

Cape Town is amazing. Hearing 11 national languages, interacting with a racially diverse (and divided) population. Living at the foot of Table Mountain, one of the most biologically unique areas in the world. Purchasing our coffees and email-time in Rands. Eating chicken pizza.

We spent the past ten days in an intensive orientation setting, during which our leaders introduced us to many of the important historic and religious sites of the area. We took a boat out to Robben Island, which is the Alcatrez of the Cape Colony. A political prisoner gave us the tour and showed us the cell where Nelson Mandela spent so many of his life. We also visited monuments, chruches, an art gallery -- each adds to our relationship with the culture, and excitement about really getting involved.

Today we will move into "Colored" host families, where we will be for the next two weeks. Our goal is to listen to their stories, participate in daily routines, and build meaningful realtionships. There is so much to hear and to experience!

- Kendra Heatwole

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