Lithuania: May – June 2010

This cross-cultural seminar will be based at the LCC International University (Lithuania Christian College) in the city of Klaipeda. Lithuania, one of the Baltic countries, is a culture undergoing rapid change since the break up of the Soviet Union. The traditionally Catholic and formerly Communist society is being challenged by various forms of global pluralism—Western influence, new religious options, and economic reforms.

EMU students will be joined by LCC students in a seminar that examines the current cultural ferment in the context of recent history and the role of Christian ideas and secular Western values in shaping the post-Marxist Lithuania of the future. From the Klaipeda base, visits will be made to cultural and historical sites in Lithuania and to the other Baltic countries of Latvia and Estonia.

Students will use photography, in a second course, as a means to understand and reflect on the people they meet and places they visit. This course will examine how photography is used to document or tell the story of places with deep history such as holocaust sites, nuclear missile sites, KGB sites of torture, religious sites and old city areas. Students will learn the technical aspects of digital photography while creating a photo-essay and a book of photography.

Estimated Cost: $6200 travel (subject to change)
Seminar Leaders: Jerry Holsopple and Maria Hoover
Enrollment: 15 students
Courses: CCSSC 201 Cross-cultural Social Science (3 SH); CCPHT 313 Photography of People & Place (3 SH)

Recommended Immunizations

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