Lithuania (May/June 2008)

Program Leader: Jerry Holsopple, professor of visual and communication arts

Lithuania, one of the Baltic countries, contains a culture undergoing rapid change since the breakup of the Soviet Union. The traditionally Catholic and formerly Communist society is being threatened by various forms of global pluralism - Western influence, new religious options, and economic reforms.

EMU students, based at the Lithuania Christian College in the city of Klaipeda, were joined by Lithuanian students in examining the role of Christian ideas and secular Western values in shaping the post-Marxist Lithuania of the future. Students visited historical sites in Lithuania as well as Latvia and Estonia.

A second course in photography was offered in connection with the cross-cultural. Students used photography as a means to understand and reflect on the people and places they visited, examining how photography is used to document or tell the story of places with deep history such as holocaust sites, nuclear missile sites, religious art sites and old city areas.

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