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We are now on the home stretch of our three week tour of the book of Acts while sailing the seas. Our days of island hopping are about to end as we leave our final Greek island of Kos and return to Athens. After visiting the three different islands, Samos, Patmos, and Kos I have noticed a developing theme that while each island is Greek they are each so individual. One thing that has remained the same however is the passion for soccer. Our group has been very lucky in that we got to experience the Champions League football championship from a local restaurant last night. That game was preceded by the Greek league championship which was won by the Athenian team Olympiakos. From our seats at dinner we were able to experience the locals celebrating only 20 meters away in the town square as their team had just achieved their ultimate prize. Fireworks, flares, and loud noises abounded and it was something unlike nothing else. Even here on the island of Kos which is located just off the southwestern coast of Turkey many miles from Athens, these people still are so fanatic about their football. Football is not only a game between two teams but it is often a clash or reflection of two cultures. Football and the local fans have allowed me to realize just how important Greek culture is. It has shown me that football can be a representative of the people and can reflective of the differences and similarities between the different
islands and cultures of Greece.