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France and Benin 2005

Journal 2

September 12, 2005

Well we have officially been in France for one week now, but it seems like a lot longer than that. From day one, we were constantly on the go. We have completed the first of three weeks of language study at IMEF in Montpellier. With 4 hours of language study per day in class, being forced to try and communicate in French for food at lunch, and living with a host family, learning French is a must. It is amazing what you can pick up in just one week. It is frustrating at times not beting able to communicate with people, but that is when I have found it is easiset to talk to my group members and God.

Each day when I wake up, I never know what to expect. France can be a very interesting place to live. Whether it's fights in the streets, mopeds cutting off cars and going the wrong way on one way streets, bread being served at every meal, eating supper for 2 hours, or having 4 months worth of rain overnight, life never gets dull. Our group is exactly the same way. We make the most of every situation, try new things, meet new people, eat new food (without asking what it is), and soak up the French culture, and we do it all with no regrets.

- Ryan Detweiler