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Journal 3

October 14, 2006

I'm going to miss Switzerland.  I never thought I'd grow to be so attached to it, but here I am dreading and anticipating Italy .  I adore the Renaissance and Botticelli deserves no less than to be in my growing Pantheon of artistic saints.  I'm very much looking forward to it, but I don't want to leave this place. This country very much agrees with me (all but the food and the women's issues).  Almost everything I don't like about America is gone here, and the things I want America to have are here.  I'm going to miss this so much back at home.  Maybe someday I can come back to Switzerland when I am fluent in German.  I don't know if there is much demand for a bilingual marine zoologist in Switzerland (as it's landlocked), but we'll see.

Still.  I like it here.

I'll never forget my time here with the awesome people like our teachers and staff here at the Bienenburg.  I'm so glad I have pictures of so much because it's all so important to remember.  I can't wait to come back and travel here some more. I can't wait to show people things I've already seen and learned to love.  I love this country and I'm proud to claim some of my heritage from a country that has figured most things out.

- Lauren Watson