China through American Eyes

(May-June 2008)

Program Leader: Leah Boyer, assistant professor of physics

From ancient world civilization to emerging superpower, China offers much to discover. The city of Chengdu, located in beautiful Sichuan, a southwest province in China, centered this experience. Students visited historic, religious, and breathtaking places in Sichuan, such as Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, known as the Fairyland of the World; Mt Emei and Leshan, a Buddhist holy site; Dujiangyan, the earliest human irrigation project; Mt Qingcheng, the Taoist holy site; the Chinese main Panda base; and Sanxingdui, one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.

Students also spent two weeks in the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Chengdu University of Technology learning basic Chinese language skills, culture, calligraphy, Taiji, Kongfu, and cuisine. They stayed with Chinese families to learn about daily life and worshipped with Chinese Christians to share in their amazing stories of growth through faith.

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