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Program Description

This cross-cultural seminar emphasizes German language and culture in the context of Vienna, Austria. Students will be immersed in experiencing a new language and the people that speak it. A new language takes on broader meaning when one is forced to live it "through the eyes of the locals." One of the main goals of this experience is to appreciate other people in their own setting. Growth and maturity come to us when we can acknowledge that other people's way of life is a valid as our own. Students will be involved in learning German in a formal setting at the ActiLingua Institute in the center of Vienna. Concurrently students will be involved in weekend excursions, visits to museums, attending concerts and special lectures, and group and independent travel.

Estimated Cost: Tuition, room & board + $1500 travel

Semester Leaders: Hugo and Mary Ann Boschmann

Enrollment: maximum 25 students

Course Credits: 15 Semester Hours

Course Descriptions:

CCUS 202 Cross-Cultural Understanding 3SH Readings and discussion of topics in cross-cultural communication, using our own experience living in Germany and in German homes as case studies. (satisfies the Global Village cross-cultural experience requirement)

German Language 6SH Six semester hours at one of the following levels (placement based on previous knowledge): CCGRM 102, 112 Elementary German I & II 6 SH CCGRM 202, 212 Intermediate German I & II 6 SH CCGRM 302, 312 Advanced Conversational German I & II 6 SH (satisfies a Global Village cross-cultural course requirement)

CCHUM 312 Music/Art/Architecture 3SH A survey of cultural (the arts) currents of Central Europe from the early renaissance to the 20th century. Major themes are Martin Luther and the reformation; Bach, Hndel, Schtz; Goethe and Schiller; German classicism; humanism and romanticism. Includes visits to historical sites, architectural monuments and museums, concerts and readings. (satisfies Global Village humanities requirement)

CCPSC 302 Contemporary Issues of German/European Society 3SH With the European Union completed, it is a good time to explore why and how Europe, the hotbed of nation-state nationalism and war, has emerged as the pioneer in finding a new economic and political unity which transcends nation-state rivalry. Other topics: German reunification, the rise in violence and anti-foreigner sentiment, economics and business, education, religion and social services. (satisfies Global Village Social Science requirement)