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EMU Graduation Commitment

Since 1987, the “Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility” has been offered at colleges and universities throughout the world to help build a global community of responsible graduates improving society and the environment through the workplace.

The EMU senior class officers have tailored the language of the pledge to fit EMU’s mission. In so doing, they have renamed it the “Graduation Commitment.” Graduates who have taken the commitment wear green ribbons during commencement.

EMU graduation commitment: I commit myself to a lifestyle of social and environmental integrity and will seek to improve these aspects of the community in which I work.

Learn more about the global graduation pledge

This global initiative to encourage graduating college seniors to explore and consider the social and environmental consequences of any job they hold or lifestyle they pursue, and to improve these aspects in their personal lives and in any organization for which they work.

Instituting the pledge gets at the heart of a good education and can benefit society as a whole. Not only does it remind students of the ethical implications of the knowledge and training they received but it can help lead socially-conscious citizenry to create a better world.

For more info, visit the graduation pledge website.