STAR Practitioner Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

  • Completion of Level I and II trainings
  • Training or teaching experience
  • An academic background in a STAR related discipline or relevant qualifying experience

Application Requirements

  • our office to notify us that you wish to become a STAR Practitioner and submit payment of fees
  • Agree and sign the Memo of Understanding (MOU) we provide to you

Equips participants to:

  • Provide presentations and workshops of up to two days based on the STAR content

Support and benefits from STAR/EMU include:

  • A research-supported curriculum developed over a 12 year period
  • Provided with a set of 20-25 PowerPoint Slides, including Village STAR and the 3-Part Snail Model
  • Access to the Learning Community, a Moodle web forum that provides notification of STAR content updates and new materials, STAR E-zines for your mailing list, discussion board, and the STAR postcard

Fee for Practitioner Status:

  • $249 initial fee (Includes processing and the support and benefits listed above)
  • (Temporary) elimination of annual dues

Please submit any questions to

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SPI Community Day, February 17

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