Health Insurance

Every international participant attending the Summer Peacebuilding Institute must have health insurance that is valid in the US and meets Eastern Mennonite University’s guidelines for international participants attending a program on campus. Minimum insurance standards are:

  • medical benefits of at least $50,000 per person per accident or illness
  • repatriation of remains in the amount of $7,500
  • expenses associated with medical evaluation in the amount of $10,000.
  • deductible less than $500 per accident or illness

Participants must provide proof of insurance at SPI registration. If a participant does not have insurance that is valid in the US and meets the minimum standards above, they will be required to purchase insurance through the Summer Peacebuilding Institute. SPI has made an agreement with an external insurance provider for coverage.

Please note that the insurance provide by SPI is considered “injury and illness” coverage. It will cover accidents and emergencies (after a $250 per incident deductible). It will not cover regular medical appointments, pre-existing conditions, or the use of EMU Health Services. EMU Health services will cost $40 and up depending upon the level of care provided. Participants will need to pay for EMU Health Services at the Health Services office. Please talk to SPI staff prior to a visit to the health center if you will have difficulty paying the fees.

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