Food at SPI

SPI provides a breakfast buffet during registration at the start of each session. A morning coffee break and afternoon snack are also provided each day classes are in session.

The University Cafeteria serves a noon meal on weekdays while SPI is in session. This meal is included in the price of lodging for those living on campus. Those living off campus wishing to eat in the cafeteria may purchase the noon meal for $7.50 per day. The University cafeteria does not permit food from outside to be brought into the main dining room.

Once each session, the entire SPI community gathers for a catered meal and guest speaker presentation. All SPI participants taking a course that session are invited to the meal. The cost is included in the course fee.

For all other meals, participants are on their own. Participants living in Hillside Suites may cook in the kitchen in their suite. Two grocery stores and several local restaurants are within walking distance of the EMU campus. Special items such as specific spices, halal meat, and kosher foods may be difficult to find in Harrisonburg, although there are some limited sources.

Zehr Institute Webinars


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