Talibah Aquil

Talibah AquilWith a Passion for the Arts, a heart for healing, service and story-telling and a LOVE for Christ, Talibah is currently receiving her Masters at Eastern Mennonite University in Conflict Transformation. After working abroad in Zimbabwe with MCC and serving in Peace Corps Rwanda for a little over two years, it was then Ms. Talibah was able to use theatre, dance and music as tools of healing for communities who were considered to be 'underprivileged', silenced and overlooked. It was during this time, God revealed to Talibah her calling and Purpose for Healing and with her initial bright-eyed naive expectation of traveling abroad to "Save Africa", God in All His Glory, used Africa to Save Her. Following the completion of her Master's Degree, Talibah hopes to travel the world creating documentaries and allowing people the space to share their truths and stories through her work. Talibah believes "when we are able to hear, see or experience other people's humanity and even when we are given the opportunity to share our own, it creates a space for Understanding, Healing, compassion and Peace."

Zehr Institute Webinars


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