Jo Salas

Jo Salas is the co-founder of Playback Theatre and the artistic director of Hudson River Playback Theatre in New York State. She has taught Playback Theatre in 20 countries, is a core faculty member of the Centre for Playback Theatre, and was a keynote speaker at academic symposiums on Playback Theatre at the University of Kassel, Germany and Arizona State University.

Salas’s current work in Playback Theatre includes “No More Bullying!”, an original approach to dealing with school bullying that empowers bystanders to take positive action. She also directs the Immigrant Stories project, providing interactive performances for immigrants in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Salas’s publications about Playback Theatre include numerous articles and two books: Improvising Real Life: Personal Story in Playback Theatre, now published in eight languages, and Do My Story, Sing My Song: Music therapy and Playback Theatre with Troubled Children. She also co-edited the bilingual publication Half of My Heart/La Mitad de Mi Corazón: True stories told by immigrants. Her chapter, titled “Stories in the Moment: Playback Theatre for building community and justice,” is in the anthology Acting Together: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict. Salas holds a master’s degree in music therapy from New York University and was certified by the American Association for Music Therapy.